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If you’re looking to decrease the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars, Dr. Mark Grimsley and his team will help you attain your goals.

This latest trend has attracted even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who’ve turned to this technique due to its numerous benefits. Here’s why the technique has gained popularity.

What You Should Do After The Procedure

In most instances, your skin will feel and look as though you spent a couple of hours in the sun. Your skin will feel tighter as well, which is expected. These symptoms will subside within a few hours after undergoing treatment.

In rare instances, they could last up to 48 hours. At Vitality Ageless Center, we usually advise our patients on what to apply after the treatment. Some of the post-treatment measures you should adopt include:


You should use tepid water and a gentle cleanser to rinse your face over the subsequent 72 hours. You should dry the treated area gently using clean hands. We advise our patients against using powdered brushes for at least a week after the procedure.


The skin’s treated area might seem much drier than usual following the treatment, which is why we advise our patients to use hyaluronic acid. It’s great for hydrating your skin and restoring its balance.


We recommend you use an antioxidant serum; its properties are highly effective when it comes to decreasing irritation and soothing your skin.

Regenerate And Stimulate

We recommend the use of collagen-stimulating peptides because it aids the regeneration process and could maximize the triggered stimulation by micro needling.

Sun Protection

It’s imperative you apply a chemical-free sunscreen after the treatment and maintain its use for at least a week.

What You Should Expect After Undergoing The First Treatment

The skin’s inflammatory effect is brief and fades considerably from redness to pinkish within hours. The effect might last for 12-48 hours. Sensitivity or redness might appear up to a few days after the first peel. You should only use the hands to pat dry no earlier than four hours after the initial peel and gently wash with cool water.

We advise our patients against taking anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen or Advil because they will disrupt your body’s inflammatory process, which is necessary for transforming your skin. When it comes to over-the-counter medications that aren’t inflammatory, use them only when necessary.

Peeling might occur 3-5 days after the procedure. Meanwhile, don’t scratch or pick at the treated skin but moisturize it instead.

We also recommend you avoid any strenuous experience and make sure you avoid sun exposure for at least 3-10 days. Keep in mind that roller use around your eyes might cause some micro bruising, which you can easily cover with makeup.

Visible Marks And Rough Skin

Your skin will look and feel different after completing the treatment. You might observe some marks on the skin. Fortunately, the marks will fade soon while your skin becomes smoother than it did previously.

Minimal Downtime

Microneedling’s inflammatory effect is brief. Your skin will fade from red to pink while the swelling should decrease, although you might experience sensitivity.

Schedule The Next Appointment

While the downtime resumes before your skin returns to normalcy, consider waiting a few weeks to repeat the treatment. You could repeat the procedure every 4-6 weeks until you attain the desired results. We’ll counsel you on what suits your skin.

If you’re thinking of micro needling but are uncertain about the procedure, you can simply contact our office for more information.

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