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Meet Our Team

Dr. James Rowe

Dr. James Rowe, DC

Dr. James Rowe has served the chiropractic needs of various communities throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area since 1995. Through years of chiropractic experience gained from working with multiple demographics, Dr. Rowe observed a direct correlation between a patients physical and emotional health in regards to their ability to understand the future consequences of not making a proactive decision about their current health when properly educated.

As a result, Dr. Rowe has resolved that optimal health is achievable only by addressing a patient’s physical and emotional health simultaneously. This experience has given him a significant understanding of the various issues affecting those who struggle with neuropathy, degenerative joint disease, and other nerve impingement disorders. Also, has allowed him to have unique insight into affective treatments needed to assist patients in how to stabilize, and some cases dramatically slow the progression of these disorders.

Dr. Rowe’s skills and experience have culminated into his leadership as the Clinical Director of Royal Blue Medical Center in 2020 steering them thru the covid-19 crises, and now serving on staff at Vitality Ageless Center as a clinical case manager where he will aid clients in reaching their optimal health potential and assist them in identifying barriers that prevent them from doing so.

Linda Johnson FNP-C

Linda Johnson, FNP-C

Linda Johnson, FNP-C is lead nurse practitioner at Vitality Ageless Center. She has a passion for passion for innovative health and wellness procedures and protocols. Linda believes that her patients should be healthy on the inside as well as the outside producing a self assurance and healthy life. She started as a medical assist 20 years ago. Her background is cardiac and travel nurse. Her passion has always been regenerative medicine and regenerative aesthetics.

Linda decided to focus on doing what she loves to do several years ago and is one of Atlanta’s top master injector. Linda focuses on facial rejuvenation artistry using neurotoxins like botox and dysport, and dermal fillers as well as using a persons own PRP to rejuvenate the facial appearance and degeneration caused by aging and lifestyle choices. Linda practices in the regenerative side of medicine also giving people their quality of life back by using the latest regenerative procedures in medicine.

During her off days, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two kids. Linda loves to travel when she can.