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photo of wendy

Registered Nurse

Wendy Earnest, RN, BSN, MS of Vitality Ageless Center, was born in High Point, North Carolina but moved to Gainesville, GA at the age of two (where her forefathers lived beginning in the early 1800’s). She has had over 22 years of experience in nursing and began her practice in aesthetics in March of 2018.

Through her career years she has enjoyed a variety of nursing practices including but not limited to obstetrics, emergency department, owning her own business selling defibrillators, and working as a case manager for an insurance company. Overall her passion has been in the educational setting. Since obtaining her master’s degree in 2013, she has spent time working and training others in the educational field and enjoys ongoing learning.

Wendy has two boys ages 18 and 20, who were both born in Kissimmee, FL where she practiced for three years after marrying her husband of now 21 years. Wendy’s hobbies include gardening, spending time outdoors, antiquing, and experimenting with new cuisines. She still lives five miles from the farm she grew up on and frequently enjoys sitting on a front porch swing while watching the cows and a beautiful sunset.